Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Things 19 & 20: Explore reference management tools online & Blog, tweet or post a link

Reference management tools

Not currently needing to use reference management tools online but in the past I have made use of Endnote when writing up my LIS disseration, and found it very useful.
I'm glad to be introduced to tools such as Zotero and Mendeley, as examples of open source software which our students may use. How I can see myself using them in future is as part of user education, something I would very much like to be involved in as part of my professional career plan.

Tweeting a link

A few days ago I was agreeably pleased to read in The Oxford University Alternative Prospectus that the library staff of our college library are considered the most friendly and helpful librarians around, and to 'have a look at their Facebook page' (page 49 in the online pagefinder tool). I've tweeted this, having made a bitly reference, and as a result can see it's been viewed 60+ times. Not bad for a beginner like me.

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  1. Just to quickly correct this because it's frequently misunderstood - Zotero is open source, Mendeley is not. While Mendeley's use is free of charge and they pride themselves on allowing easy access to their content (what they call "open access"), Mendeley's source code is not available and you have to agree to a license agreement (EULA) before using it.
    Zotero's source code is availble at and licensed under an open source (Affero GNU Public) License