Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Thing 23: What have you learned and where do you want to go from here?

I've completed this 23 Things for Research sometime after the original course finished, and am just glad I did  have enough stamina to tackle all twenty-three things, as it's particularly easy to become demotivated, when the weekly reminders stop and you have to summon up the time and will by yourself.
Some of the things were familiar to me, but I feel I've made progess in using Jing and PowerPoint and as a result my library induction is now on the library webpages of our main college website. I'm very pleased about this - extra evidence for my chartership.
Also the section on sourcing creative commons images will be invaluable to me for future presentations, and Facebook images. I have become a much bigger user of Twitter, in that it helps me tune in to the professional tips and discussions which are going on around me.
The downside of doing an online course is that when I've needed more help or information, it's a distance away, and this has hindered progress. I simply do not have the intuitive techy geek skills to solve all problems I encounter. 
For example, the tiny experimental video I made with Jing refused to upload to YouTube, and I've been unable to find out why or progress any further.  So I found that frustrating and it has held me back.
I intend to look out for an upcoming course in compiling videos, and sign up to it.
On the whole though I have been glad I have taken part and pleased to have managed to finish it, when I see how many people have dropped out en route (not that I blame them!)

I am always looking to learn something, or improve my skills generally, so a question mark seems an appropriate image to end on...meaning What next?
Copyright-free image c/o Pixabay

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