Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Thing 16: Sharing research online

I'm striving to remember these points for presentations I upload to the internet:

  • Cut text. Less is better.
  • Don’t read our your slides – they’re there to support what you are saying, not replace it.
  • Keep to one point per slide.
  • Use good images (studies even show that this improves retention!)

  • I feel my last presentation probably fails in many respects but had the nerve to Tweet it anyway:
    I like this hard-talking no-nonsense presentation on how to do it right.

    Prezi is an interesting tool but soon I think it will be as predictable as PowerPoint.

    I'll always remember a presentation I saw which will remain the gold standard.  It was for a job He used one image only...of Bertrand the backdrop. The rest of the time he just talked to us.

    This made much more impression on me than lots of text and complicated graphics.

    However he did not get the job. I did not see the presentation of the person who did so have no means of judging the different styles.

    However this style of communication has stayed with me, and is something I am going to bear in mind as I devise future presentations for staff and students.

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