Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Thing 15: Making and sharing podcasts and videos

Photo (c) Ivan Walsh under Flickr Creative Commons CC-BY

As I've already used Jing I decided to use it instead of Screencast-o-matic.

I've previously only used it to make static screencasts for my PowerPoint presentation on Getting started in the Library, so ventured one step further by making a tiny (under one minute) Jing video showing a music list on Spotify by someone who is trying to improve my taste in music.

You create the video using Jing, you then upload it to Screencast.com, you then find it in Screencast.com, click on the 'Share' tab and copy the embed code into a webpage or blog:

I hope this will make sense to me when I read it later...

The JISC podcast on using Audacity looks extremely useful for future reference. What a relief to hear a British accent for a change.

The list of copyright-appropriate images etc for videos et al is a very useful list, so I've reproduced it here for further reference:

If you need copyright-appropriate images, clips or sounds/music to use in your podcasts, videos or presentations, there are some great search tools out there:
I think podcasts could be useful in my line of work for teaching students simple online tasks such as renewing their books

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