Friday, 15 February 2013

Thing 14: Exploring Wikipedia

We tell our students, 'It's OK to start with Google and Wikipedia, but don't end there.' I feel it is good advice and what I follow myself.

A new tip I've acquired from reading this 'Thing' is the citation/reference recommendation: it's always been obvious in academia that one good reference, one good article, one good book leads to another.

Having said that, a link I tried didn't actually work. 

So personally I would use Wikipedia as a starting point for further research, not the research itself.

I include here a Wikipedia link to something I do know a little about: the 'first woman in Britain to be appointed train driver, first woman to preside over ASLEF conference', Karen Harrison.

In Karen's case God didn't appear to temper the wind to the bruised reed as the Bible asserts (unashamedly mixed quotation) but she was and is an inspiring woman. RIP Karen.

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