Saturday, 19 January 2013

Things 11 and 12: LinkedIn and

I've just read:

'LinkedIn and profiles tend to feature high in Google searches, so a well-constructed profile can be a great way to develop your online brand.'

'[Your] profile can give you the opportunity to "sell" yourself to potential employers. Having endorsements and recommendations can help. Try asking for a recommendation for your current or previous position.'

I've chosen LinkedIn rather than Academia. edu as I am already a member and feels it suits my professional role.  Librarianship is wider than academia.  The recommendations I've received on it are good for my morale!

However, looking at others' profiles I realise I could probably be making better use of it. 

For example:

  • Adding particular competancies and skills, in a leading paragraph.
  • Filling in the descriptions for each job listed to provide an account of what I achieved in each role.
  • Attaching a PowerPoint/Prezi or YouTube video of the library induction I devised.
  • Adding a link to this blog.

I need to keep this LinkedIn profile more current than I have been wont to do. At the same time I do not want it to become unwieldy and overlong - a sure way of putting off potential employers reading it.

I personally feel comfortable with the personal/professional divide accorded by Facebook/LinkedIn, but see no problem with some overlap, often posting my latest professional blog post to my Facebook Timeline.

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