Thursday, 3 January 2013

Thing 10: Facebook and pop up books

Facebook has been mentioned endlessly in previous Get chartered! blog posts and I have been a big user. Perhaps tailing off slightly now as I'm aware of the problems it can inadvertently cause. So I'm a more cautious user now, and it's not as big a pleasure to me as it was couple of years ago.

But I agree wholeheartedly with its use in the institutional sense as reaching out to one's users and projecting an image, letting patrons know we are here, we are accessible, we are interested in them.

Our Facebook page has 1600 + 'likes' - not bad considering we are one of the smaller Oxford colleges with perhaps 150 students.  Students can search the Oxford University Library catalogue via our Facebook page, and view our latest books via the LibraryThing tab. However I'm not convinced they use these, but instead use our Facebook page as a way of seeing what's going on, when we're open, shut, when they need to be alerted about something, for example.

I also like to post pictures of unusual archival material we have to show we are more than what we have on the shelves. Here's some 19th century shorthand and an early pop up book.

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