Sunday, 9 December 2012

Things 4 & 5: Register your blog and explore other blogs

I've registered my blog Get chartered! One woman's plucky fight to become a chartered librarian for the 23 Things for Research programme, and here's my header image from it, inspired by the film Get Carter!

Had hoped to replace it by an image of a librarian yielding an RFID wand but maybe later.

I'm enjoying exploring other participants' blogs on the same programme and comforted by the fact some of them sound as slightly bewildered as I do. 

Enjoying #bodathon's pictorial trawl round the beautiful Bodleian Libraries, and pleased to see the Language Librarian's blog since we sort of know each other in the real world. 

As I go through the 23 Things process, I'll be intrigued to see others' comments and views, because they are real user experiences, with pros and cons included. Not the voices of those trying to sell us apps.

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