Saturday, 22 December 2012

Thing 8: RSS feeds

I have GoogleReader account so I'm already familiar with following other people's blogs.  And I do find it useful to have lots of blogs collected together in one place and have a quick run through them  to see what catches my eye.   I have an RSS button on my own blog.

Among blogs I'm currently subscribing to: The Language Librarian (a colleague within the wider university library system), The Poet Laura-eate (quite a feisty writer with thought-provoking opinions), The Age of Uncertainty (someone I was at university with, and who married my best friend at the time, now runs his own bookselling business), and one I've just picked at random from the '23 Things for Research' list of blogs, the unusually named Peeturr's Posterous: I like his pictures and his reflections: the picture of Ted and John. Reminds me of my own father, in a carehome, whom I'll be visiting this Christmas.

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