Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Thing 6: Consider your personal brand

Photo courtesy of Stefano Principato via Flikr Creative Commons
'No one would have believed in the first years of the 21st century that we were being watched...from the timeless worlds of space.  No one would have believed that minds immeasurably superior to our own were watching us, as creatures that swarm and multiply under a microscope. '

Yes that's right I'm talking about the internet and the way we are eminently discoverable by others who may have an interest in our professional presence.

Using my full name and keyword 'library' in Google brought up what I'd hoped for and expected, and I was happy with the information and image that was presented.

Imagine if you Googled your name and the sole result that came back was: 'Persona non grata'. Now I've thought about it, it might wake me up in a sweat at night.

I had not heard of Socialmention, or MIT's Personas Project. Nothing related to me appeared on the former, and the latter seemed rather silly: blocks of colour representing what sort of persona my name conjures up, using what's been reported online.

Basically, it says I'm a criminal! Or maybe a criminal lawyer. I'm not sure which is worse. [Joke! And apologies to all my lawyer friends. Please don't sue.]

I realise as an 'information professional' (librarian) that I'm expected to be online, in fact it's a black mark against your name if you're not. 

And I'm very happy with embracing anything that helps publicise information services.  Information is empowering for everyone who wants to take advantage of it.

But isn't it funny how accessing as much information about people as possible without their knowledge would have been considered stalking years ago?

And now it's normal. I just hope the second part of the above quote from 'The War of the Worlds' doesn't come true:

'And slowly, but surely, they drew their plans against us.'

This is from http://teleport-city.com/wordpress/?p=25635 

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