Thursday, 6 December 2012

23 Things for Research: Things 1, 2 & 3!

Thing 1: Read about the 23 Things programme and social media term

I'm now beginning to follow the self-directed 23 Things for Research, run by the Bodleian Libraries, Oxford, and the University of Oxford IT Services. 

It is described as a course 'that aims to expose you to a range of digital tools that could help you in your personal and professional development as a researcher, academic, student or in another role', and I'm genuinely enthusiastic about participating, albeit at the end of Michaelmas Term rather than the beginning. 

As a professional librarian, I want to expand my competence and understanding of digital tools to enhance my work communicating and engaging with our users via the web. It's a fast changing world and I need to keep current and keep developing as a professional.

Thing 2: Set up a blog

Phew! At least that's one thing I've already accomplished. Reflecting on the variety of blogs I read, though, I am intrigued by the more professional/creative designs I've seen accomplished by WordPress, but my own blog was begun on Blogger which I am now familiar with, and intend to stick with. However, I would like to set up a more personal blog to do with my own creative writing in the future, and I plan to use WordPress for this, to give me experience of both platforms.

Thing 3: Write a blog about social media

Reading about the aims of the programme, and the various tools we are to experiment with, I'm aware of the need for me already a familiar user of some of them, such as using a Library Facebook page in order to communicate and develop an online relationship with our students. I also have a presence as @malone_katrina on Twitter which I use to keep in touch with the academic library community in Oxford, and find out about professional happenings. I've devised a library induction on Slideshare for new users of our college library.

Now I'm looking forward to venturing out into the world of Prezi (Thing 16), podcasts (Thing 15), and Creative Commons and copyright issues (Thing 18).

Just trying to become a more knowledgeable user of digital social media generally, to be more profficient at in my professional role, working with library users.




  1. Glad you're able to do the programme (and we knew that not everyone would be able to do it on schedule, so it will stay up indefinitely). I'll try to stay in touch, but let me know when you do finish and we'll make sure you get a certificate.

    I'm also intrigued by the slightly slicker designs you see in Wordpress. My own (almost defunct) blog is in blogger, and I'm debating a switch...

  2. Thanks for your words of encouragement Liz! I hope to work slowly but surely through it over the Christmas/New Year and get to the end. Am thinking of starting a new blog in tandem with this one on the creative writing side, using WordPress as an experiment.