Saturday, 20 October 2012

Thing 23: What next?!

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Thing 23! As it happens, Thing 23, which takes as its task the need to reflect on gaps in our experience and our strengths and weaknesses, came at just the right time. The right time but a disappointing time.

I've just learned that my portfolio has not been accepted for CILIP chartership. Apart from the blow to the ego, and the knowledge that chartership opens doors which might remain closed for a while, I've been surprised and bewildered as I was proud of my portfolio and the year's work and reflection and development in my position which had gone into it.

So this gives an added edge to Thing 23.

1) Reflecting on the programme in general. Excellent. I've definitely made use of some of the applications that the programme has introduced me to: Jing and Slideshare combined have helped me create a useful introduction for our new students into using our Library services, which has been described as 'brilliant' by my manager, emailed to all our first years, and now has 125 views on Slideshare. I'm pleased by that considering we have 190 students.

Am also grateful for the encouragement to use Twitter which previously I'd seen the preserve of annoying celebrities. Now I find it an extremely informative tool for passing on professional information, learning from others' wisdom and experience. 

And delighted to have discovered so many like-minded folk in the library world, out there in the blogosphere.  I've been learning from their thoughts and reflections, enthused by their enthusiasm and professional pride.

2) & 3) Identifying gaps in experience and how I intend to fill those gaps.  I think missing chartership must be the obvious thing here that I want to give time and effort to in the near future.  Advised by my canditate support officer to have a cooling off period before looking at the assessors' reports (which a brief read through shows were a mixture of good and less good, so by no means totally critical), and then going through the portfolio myself with a new mentor. This seems a sensible plan.

But at the same time, chartership is not the only goal.  I love my profession and being able to contribute to it.  I'm increasingly interested in technology skills and next week will see me taking part in Engage run by Oxford University Computing Services, specifically looking at 'What technologies do our students use?' and 'Twitter for academia'. And not forgetting signing up for 23 Things for Research as soon as I've finished the current 23 Things!

4) Personal Professional Development Plans are as someone said, difficult to say without spitting.  A chore in some ways but a tool I can go back to again and again to see I'm staying on course.  It's heartening for example to look at my PPDP which I wrote for my portfolio and see how much I've identified goals and achieved them.

5) 'Keep blogging and let us know how you get on.' I will. The road goes ever on!

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