Monday, 17 September 2012

Thing 19: Catch up week on integrating 'things'

I'm so glad I began this CPD23 2012 course and am going to list here what elements I'm been given my first taster of, and which I'm finding useful for my work as a college library assistant.
  • Twitter.  Previously associating this with Mr Stephen Fry and other celebrities, this held no appeal. But I did have an uncomfortable feeling other libraries were using Twitter to stay in touch with their users and make short snappy announcements. I did not like the feeling we were falling behind. So as an experiment I have my own 'lurking' Twitter account which I'm finding very informative as a means of:
    • current awareness;
    • staying in touch and learning from my peers;
    • experiencing how other libraries use Twitter; and
    • keeping up to date on professional opportunities.
  • Google Calendar.  Finding this very handy to have open during the day for adding in events with any relevant notes as they are emailed to me. A click of a button means I can see the forthcoming week/month etc and email reminders keep me aware of events a week away that  I may need to plan for now.  I see its big advantage as a one-stop instantly accessible shared tool for the team to keep each other informed. 

  • Dropbox.  This has already helped me with working on a PowerPoint intro for our new students, working on it both at home and at work, without the necessity of emailing it to myself.  Good resource.

  • Prezi.  The 'Thing' on Prezi made me guiltily aware I had never practised PowerPoint, despite learning it for ECDL a couple of years ago. There was simply no need or opportunity in my current job.  An idea dawned on me of improving our wordy, text-heavy pdf introduction to new students, by turning it into more visually based PowerPoint slides, so I began working on that. Which brings me on to...

  • Jing.  Have become an enthusastic user of this.  To introduce students to an online catalogue, you do need good quality screen capture to familiarise them with what they are going to see as they interact with the catalogue.  Also to be able to annotate and add arrows and frames to your screenshots in order to guide and explain. Jing does this and I've found it user friendly and providing presentable images. I'm making use of this web tool to prepare the aforementioned PowerPoint intro and actually enjoying the experience.

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