Sunday, 9 September 2012

Thing 18: Jing - screen capture - podcasts

Jing screen capture
Had a lot of fun with this one! 'Fun' in the sense of frustration to begin with - the results didn't seem worth the effort initially - but 'fun' finally in curbing my desire to give up and begin to discover its potential.

As we get near the start of term I was thinking an induction for new students on our website would be much more fun if it were mobile and pictorial rather than a pdf list of text.

So I've been working on a slideshow to get them started taking their first steps in finding their way around, and the screen shots captured and annotated by me using Jing have been very useful.

For me, at least, in learning how! For 'them', too, hopefully, when they begin their time at Oxford. A less text-heavy, more mobile, more pictorial, guide to beginning. Still working on it but hope to have it ready for the start of term. Podcasts will have to wait I'm afraid.

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