Thursday, 30 August 2012

Thing 17: The medium is the message - Prezi and Slideshare

Although I have studied PowerPoint through ECDL, it was a number of years ago, and I haven't had occasion to use it since then. I've seen plenty of PowerPoint presentations however. Enough to know what I do and don't like, and what I think works.

The same must be true of Prezi and Slideshare. I like the idea of it being online and open source and therefore accessible.  I particularly liked Meg Westbury's Personalised library services in a virtual environment and the way she had used one picture to get the idea of 'the big picture', and then focused on details within the picture to draw out different aspects of her service.

I don't like:
  • Too much text - lists - super whizzy graphics - typos - ugly layout.
I do like:
  • Particularly striking sayings occupying the whole of a screen and being left there for enough time for people to read, think, digest, write down.
The presentation which has stayed in my head where others have faded to oblivion was done by someone applying for a job, who used perhaps one or two images as a backdrop idea/concept for his talk.  I definitely think less is more.

A  new idea: using Slideshare as a CV? I liked Andrew Sommerfield's visual resume but more as a novelty and adjunct to a traditional CV. However, this could change.  A useful tool presentation to link to a Linked In profile?

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