Friday, 10 August 2012

Thing 15: Attending, presenting at, and organising seminars, conferences, and other events

Austin Court, Birmingham

The word 'conferences' used to be shorthand for boredom in jokes, particularly in assocation with insurance salesmen.

Now I've actually attended a few - librarian/information conferences, not insurance ones - my experience is different. The CILIP Career Development Conference 2012 at Austin Court (above) was a recent experience for me and I came away energised and enthused by my colleagues' ideas and company. 

I listen, talk, interact, exchange. I take notes and type them up afterwards, considering all the time:

'Are there ideas here I can use to enhance our users' library experience? What will work for us? And what is the broader signficance of this in our profession?'

As a recent convert to attending conferences, I'm a long way from presenting and feel the need to learn and absorb much, much more. 

But it feels inspiring to be well on the road to greater involvement, picking up new ideas, friends, and contacts en route.

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