Sunday, 22 July 2012

Thing 12: Putting social into social media

Our main use of social media for the Library has been Facebook which we were attracted to as so many of the people we are trying to serve already use it.  With guidance from librarians at other Oxford colleges with an already active presence on Facebook, we set up our own Facebook library page and I think it has been a success.

More lighthearted in a tone than an official webpage can be, we enjoy not only posting information on it, but adding jokey pictures, news items, and comments.  Our students add their own comments and respond with clicking on the 'Like' buttons to our posts, and we feel it has helped build up a good and cooperative relationship amongst our community of users.

Other added apps, such as a link to the University catalogue, LibraryThing, and other handy links, are probably not as well used, and I had some timely advice the other day that it would be a good idea to draw people's attention to the fact these apps exist, rather than expecting people to discover them themselves. We can do this via a status update on a semi-regular basis.

Talking to students who have now left and begun their careers, I'm finding they are using Twitter more than Facebook, and as our college specialises in mature students, who may well have had professional jobs and Twitter accounts, it occurs to me it might be time to begin using Twitter as an interaction tool as well as Facebook.


  1. Your library's facebook page seems a really good example of using that medium to advertise your services but also make you seem more human.

  2. Thanks Rebecca - that's encouraging to hear as it's all v experimental but I'm pleased if it seems to be working!