Monday, 4 June 2012

Thing 6 - Online networks

At last I feel on home territory! I am a big fan of Facebook. In many ways it has been a valuable tool over the past few days in facilitating a new and wider social life after divorce and a new career. 

I am also on LinkedIn though I've  used this less as yet.  Looking at the profiles recommended by the CPD23 blog I realise I can build up a much more informative and useful profile though.  Something I can work on. 

I'm bearing in mind the quote from Reid Hoffman: Facebook is the backyard BBQ; LinkedIn is the office. And enjoyable though BBQs can be, the office is what pays for them.

But surely both have their uses as far as professional networking is concerned: to build up friendly and informal relationships via Facebook with other colleagues you've connected with via LinkedIn is surely a huge help in the workplace.  I've certainly greatly enjoyed and benefited from those I've met and interacted with who like me work within the academic sphere. 

I have now joined Pinterest and look forward to investigating how to use this in my work.

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