Monday, 4 June 2012

Thing 5 - Reflective practice

I'm interested and inspired by the benefits of reflective practice:
  • Help you be more objective about experiences
  • Give you more control over your learning and development
  • Help you demonstrate you are active and responsive
  • Give you a better understanding of your work
As someone who has recently submitted my chartership portfolio I've been aware of the need for reflective practice and have used it in considering the various tasks and goals I set myself for chartership.  I feel that, in the period of waiting for the result, I've been less motivated to reflect, perhaps because I'm on edge about the result, and this is occupying all my attention currently.

I feel gaining chartership will provide the boost to focus on this reflective aspect once more.  And if I don't pass first time, but need to rewrite, or do a viva, this will focus me on reflective practice even more sharply!  Fingers crossed.

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