Monday, 28 May 2012

Thing 4 - Current awareness

'What can you personally manage?  Current awareness is good but information overload is bad!' ... a useful corrective to one's inherent tendencies to take on more and more in a simply unproductive way.

Another phrase I like is 'the anarchy of data'.

More information to follow. But not too much.
  • Twitter: I've had a Twitter account since doing 23 Things Oxford back in 2010, but never used it. I'm intrigued by the possibilies of using it for our students' benefit, yet a straw poll at the circulation desk confirms that they don't use it and prefer Facebook, for which we already have a Library page which seems to work well. I've now 'followed' some suitable Twitter accounts and keep my personal Twitter account open by day to observe what I can learn from the way others use it, and if it can be useful to me/us.  So far, a bewildering maze of hashtags and retweets that resembles nothing so much as nauseating computer code.  Not sure it's for me.
  • RSS:  Again, I had this set up via GoogleReader a while back.  I guess its concept is a handy one: to store all the blogs etc one is following. However I prefer to be selective in my blogs, and just store a few on my Favourites bar which has space enough.  Do we really need to follow hundreds of blogs? Too much information...
  • Storify: Further research needed. I'll currently reading others' blogs to see what use they are going to make of it.
One thing I'm really loving: discovering others' blogs: A new library world? is enjoyable, for a start.


  1. Thank you for mentioning my blog - I'm glad you enjoy it, though as I said on Twitter I'm amused to appear on your Labels directly under Alcoholic Friends! I still need to complete the last bit of Thing 4 - I think I bit off more than I could chew by making it 3 separate parts. Thing 5, when I eventually get there, will be VERY short.

    1. OK perhaps I'll re-index you to 'Marsh, Anabel' so you can appear between 'Manchester University' and 'Michael Caine'!

      Struggling with two many RSSs on Google Reader...blogs etc which are no longer published. I'm struggling to find a way to delete them so they no longer appear on my Google Reader but haven't discovered the trick yet.