Sunday, 27 May 2012

Thing 3 - Consider your personal brand

Profound one. This is obviously as much about how you want others to see you as 'who are you?'

Googling my name brings up the usual Facebook, LinkedIn, Blogger profiles, which are standard fare and I think I am comfortable with what appears there.

Disappointingly, our official website which has a 'Your librarians' page does not show up in the results.  We obviously need to improve our search engine optimisation.

We are also asked:

So what can you do to maintain a consistent image and ensure you are portraying an accurate reflection of who you are? Consider your core values and how you can convey those messages to those who meet you in person and those who find you online.
I hope and aspire in my professional life to have the following core values:
  • Friendly/approachable: a genuinely smiling photograph may help convey this.
  • Customer service: if they are not happy, I am not happy.  There is great satisfaction in doing a job well and seeing it reflected in others' reactions. By mentioning our customers (library users/patrons etc) reflectively and considerately throughout my blog, I hope I get across just how important they are to me.
  • Efficient/organised: neatly organised, grammatically meticulous, coherent writing in a blog/website, helps convey this I think.
  • Humour and a life outside: all part of being approachable and helping to attract people to the work you do. I'd like to think entitling a blog Get chartered! One woman's plucky fight to become a chartered librarian and the still from the Michael Caine films hints at this.  Film is one of may passions.  Only problem is, what do I rename my blog when/if I finally get chartered? Darn.

Later: after a little more research, I'm inspired by Ned Potter's presentation: You already have a brand, here are 5 ways to influence it .

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  1. You mean librarians have to be psychologically sound??? Scary! I am sure that none of the rest of the populace can guarantee that! ; - )