Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Don't forget what has been done...

As an addendum to the last post (sounds sinister!) I should record a couple of things neatly polished off by the end of last term:

Reader services:

Older copies of law journals filed in the Stack to create more room in a tightly packed subject area (law followed by sociology followed by economics). Plus politely requesting the tutor in this area if she could use her professional expertise to weed out some of the less relevant books. (She has yet to appear.) Ditto for 20th century English literature section.

Dissenting periodicals collection:

Completed a three half-days refresher course on Library of Congress Subject Headings, use of Classification Web, Subject Manuals etc, in order to create more meaningful 'on the spot' subject headings for the historic periodicals I am working through. Alas, as I did this right at the end of term, before holidays, I fear it has already evaporated in my brain...but I took copious, thoughtful notes, and believe I can pick it up again.

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