Wednesday, 29 September 2010


I repeated the information session, this time with some graduate medical students, later asking them for feedback.

As I discovered they had already had an information session with their faculty librarians, I was concerned I was repeating information, or that my induction would suffer by comparison.

The comments were roughly: 'Just right. Not too much information but got us to grips with the new resources. '

There was also the suggestion that a fact sheet might be helpful to avoid them trying to remember everything.

Good point, though my feeling is that freshers already have too much paperwork which ends up largely unread.

But I think in future I'll suggest they take notes on my three main points: 1) book searching; 2) e-journal searching; 3) searching for articles.

Perhaps I should try to establish more of a 'classroom' feel for this session? On the other hand I think they got the point that I was friendly and approachable and they could come back whenever they wanted or needed.

I believe there are no notes so useful and memorable as the ones you take yourself, not imposed on you from above.

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