Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Thing 23 - Summing up

What I've liked:

  • Del.ic.ious has become a permanent part of my online activities now. I've found it so handy to be at any pc anywhere and be able to access bookmarks quickly and efficiently.

  • I continue to experiment with the HMC Library Facebook page. It's fun and I think helps build a sense of ownership among our users...but how many of them are really accessing all my groovy widgets to connect them to SOLO etc? I'm open-minded about this. One definite plus: I've enjoyed what LibraryThing has to offer and want to work on expanding our users' awareness of it as a way of keeping on top of new acquisitions. I also want to maximise what the use that can be made of RSS feeds.

  • A further revelation has been the Oxford Libraries Web 2.0 Wiki. I can see myself dipping frequently into this to latch onto other people's bright ideas and experience, and perhaps contribute some of my own.

Things I see myself making less use of:

  • Twitter, 'cos Facebook does it for me...
  • Piknik/Flikr...never a camera geek.
  • either blog or you Facebook, right? Not both (so they say).

I'm extremely glad I've participated in this and heartily thank the team who organised it!


  1. Congratulations on reaching the end! Glad you've enjoyed the course and found it useful. Looking forward to seeing what you add to the web 2.0 wiki in due course!

  2. PS Podcasts is something I haven't been able to get to work either...wonder if I lack the software. I do listen online via iPlayer etc, but podcasts I think is a slightly different phenomenon?