Sunday, 28 March 2010

Thing 19 & Thing 20

Well we weren't invited to write a post for Things 19 and 20 but I thought I would anyway - I must be developing the blog habit, this is worrying.

I was really fascinated by Penny Schenk's description of Office 2.0, and the shift from mainframes, to personal computers using individual software, back to a centralised resources which themselves are only feasible through the power of personal computers (?). I hope I've understood that correctly.

Google Docs was easy to use and I produced the document (page sample above left) and mailed it for viewing to the 23things Bodleian address we were given.
The novelty of online documents had palled a little when I came to ThinkFree though it looked more recognisably like Word. But am I the only one who found it slow and delayed?

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  1. Not at all - from reading the blogs a lot of people have found ThinkFree rather slow. Which is a shame because it has so many great functions!