Sunday, 21 March 2010

Thing 17 and Thing 18 - Wikis & Wikipedia

Exploring the Web 2: Oxford Libraries wiki has been a revelation! I vaguely knew of it before, but dipped in and quickly dipped out again, feeling out of my depth, to continue the water analogy.
However, being encouraged by the 23 Things project to examine it more closely, I'm enthused by how much information-sharing there is, a place I can read and explore when I'm struggling with my own Web 2.0 issues, and looking for new ideas.

I've done some 'OULS' spotting (to change to Bodleian Libraries), and have added a page for HMC to the Oxford Case Studies section. I get the feeling I'm going to dipping it into this wiki a lot more over the coming months.
I already admit to being a frequent user of Wikipedia for a 'quick and dirty' bit of information. My attitude is - and I pass this on to students and users too - that it and Google are OK places to start looking for information, but not the right place to stop.


  1. That's a great way to put it! I think I might start using that one too!

  2. Thanks Jane. I don't know if they take my advice though!!!