Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Thing 9 - Social bookmarking and tagging

'Delicious' is something I've seen the image for and heard of but never made use of.
I can definitely see its appeal when I realise how common today it is to 'hot desk' and move around pcs. You've got your 'Favourites' or 'Bookmarks' all set up - you're on a new machine - you've got the irritation of finding and setting them up again. So to have them handy in a Delicious account is progress.

This presupposes I will be organised enough to transfer them though!

And tagging: tagging is basic classifying isn't it? Something that is innate to human beings. Librarian and web designers have got classification off to a fine art.

It will be interesting to see how tagging and folksonomies fare in the future. If they are ad hoc and casual will they develop the consistency to be useful and worthwhile on a more formal basis?

Or am I clearly missing the point?

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