Saturday, 27 February 2010

Thing 12 - YouTube

My past experience of YouTube is just how addictive it is.
About 9.30 at night I think I'll just check my email before I start getting ready for bed. Then some long-forgotten song comes into my head and just for a laugh I think I'll look it up on YouTube.

One song leads to another and suddenly it's 11.30.

I enjoy the video pictured here: known as 'Introducing the Book' aka 'Medieval Helpdesk'.

Clicking on the uploader's name, ZrednaZ, brings up lists of more uploaded videos, not in English.

Looking at the comments, one thing which is starting to strike me more and more, is how the internet frees people up to be more nasty and vitriolic than they would be in a face to face situation. One of its downsides.

Looking at the Education channel on YouTube I looked up my old university, which was then known as St David's University College, Lampeter and it's now University of Wales, Lampeter. To my surprise it's there (but for how much longer?).

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