Saturday, 20 February 2010

Thing 10 - More Delicious experiences

Frustrated by the lack of 'folders' in Delicious in which to organise different bookmarks relating to different areas, I took Angela's suggestion and used the 'Tag bundles' facility to organise my bookmarks.

Some are bundled together as 'Web 2.0', some as 'Social', 'Film', 'Bookshops and Libraires', 'Webmail' etc.

This seems to work well though ideally I'd like this list in larger font and in the centre of the screen, rather than small and to the side. ie I'd like it to be the first thing I latch onto, as one does with folders, rather than being presented with an amorphous list of bookmarks first.

But I'm still enjoying it. And enjoyed finding other OULS libraries' Delicous accounts with their useful bookmarks for various subjects studied by HMC students which could be useful for me to note.

How does RSS'ing work for them though...does it come up in GoogleReader along with the other feeds? I shall wait and see.


  1. Thanks for the tip about tag bundles!

  2. Thanks Kath...and for posting the video of the fascinating grass snake making a guest appearance.