Friday, 5 February 2010

Thing 4 - About blogs

One drawback to blogs is that they show the last posting first.

Looking at the main 23 Things blog for example (the one telling us what to do and when to do it) means that you first see something headed Thing 6, immediately panic thinking, 'I'm getting left behind...I'm only on Thing 3'. Scrolling further down the page you see 'Thing 5' 'Thing 4' etc.

It's counter-intuitive.

But that probably only relates to teaching blogs.

And presumably the blogger could enable their blog to change the order in which they display postings?


  1. Actually that's a very interesting point. Not all blogs enable the reverse function so that oldest posts appear on top. One solution I can think of is to use Yahoo Pipes Reverse function to reverse the order of your RSS feed. Yahoo Pipes can be a complicated topic to start with though. If you are interested, I have written an introductory post about it which you can read at:

  2. Thanks Masud...perhaps Yahoo Pipes Reverse Function will be Thing 18 ot 23 or whatever?! Not being very good at reversing into parking spaces in real life means the subject is full of terror for me!